Books with Bob Woodward:

“Evelyn brought her endless good sense and wisdom, serving as full collaborator and in the spirit – and with the level of effort – of a coauthor.” – Bob Woodward, 2018

“Evelyn Duffy, who’s my assistant. … We’ve done five books, four presidents. She knows all the secrets. And she knows how to keep secrets, and she knows how to kick me in the ass. And for that, I salute her.”

– Bob Woodward,  September 2018, at George Washington University

“Her work and presence are marked by grace, kindness and integrity. She is smart, practical and knows how to enjoy a good laugh. No one I have ever worked with of any age has more common sense.” – Bob Woodward, 2013

Visit Bob Woodward’s homepage and follow him on Twitter. Read his Washington Post articles here.

Recent nonfiction books I’ve edited:

“A singular talent. … a deft editor and researcher … a magician when creating order out of the chaos of huge book projects.” – Stuart Roberts, senior editor at Simon & Schuster


“Evelyn Duffy read Union more times than anyone else and helped us find our voice.” – Christopher Haugh and Jordan Blashek, Union

“Your feedback is so detailed and thoughtful. Thank you for investing so much time into our book.” – Michael O’Leary, Accountable

Fiction edited for Rob Blackwell:

“This novel would not be nearly as good without her. … To put it simply: I cannot recommend working with her strongly enough. Evelyn is amazing.” – Rob Blackwell

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But… and check out his Amazon page. Read Rob’s review of my editing and a Q&A here.

Fiction edited for Sonora Taylor:

“I also want to thank Evelyn Duffy, whose editing magic breathed a new life into my manuscript. Even though I knew from our past work together that she would work wonders on the story, I still wasn’t ready for how much it improved thanks to her edits and notes.” – Sonora Taylor

Read more about Sonora on her blog, Sonora Writes, and keep up with her forthcoming work, as well as her frequent contributions to anthologies, eZines, and collections, here.

Read Sonora’s Q&A with me here, and check out her excellent free short story, “All the Pieces Coming Together.”

Fiction edited for Connie Wesala:

“You did such a thorough edit! … [You] have such an eye for revision. … Right on target. When I read that you were a researcher, I knew you’d be a good fit for this. … Your notes helped me immensely.” – Connie Wesala

 Check out Connie’s Amazon page here and visit her homepage.

Nonfiction transcribing and editing for Bill Murphy Jr.:

“I’ve hired Evelyn several times and the fact that I keep going back to her probably tells you something. Prompt, thorough, professional — all of the above. I originally hired her years ago to do some transcribing for me. She did everything perfectly, and it also became clear to me that she was an excellent writer and editor. More recently, I hired her to edit an entire 100k word manuscript and she did a fantastic job.” – Bill Murphy, Jr.

Visit Bill’s Amazon page and follow him on Twitter.