“Evelyn made countless great suggestions about content, structure, and grammar. She suggested corrections to my writing style that I have implemented ever since. She was able to provide valuable suggestions about readability and accessibility that allowed individuals outside my discipline to comprehend the arguments and respond to the theories presented. With her help, I achieved one of the highest marks possible on my thesis and graduated from my University with distinction.”

R.S. – George Washington University and University of Cape Town graduate

“I’ve hired Evelyn several times and the fact that I keep going back to her probably tells you something. Prompt, thorough, professional — all of the above.

I originally hired her years ago to do some transcribing for me. She did everything perfectly, and it also became clear to me that she was an excellent writer and editor. More recently, I hired her to edit an entire 100k word manuscript and she did a fantastic job.”

Bill Murphy – co-author of “Breakthrough Entrepreneurship”