I am Evelyn Duffy, owner of Open Boat Editing.

I have been editing and transcribing in the D.C. area for over 10 years. Since 2007 I have been a research assistant for Bob Woodward and have helped research, edit, and produce five of his New York Times best-sellers.

Through Open Boat I’ve collaborated closely with a variety of nonfiction authors on politics, history, military affairs, current events, science, creative nonfiction, and business projects.

I have also worked extensively with indie fiction writers – including Kindle Scout winner Rob Blackwell – and other novelists, playwrights, and short fiction writers.

I especially enjoy and frequently perform edits of small scale but great importance.  Reviews of websites, resumes, business plans, syllabi, menus, and wedding invitations and programs are all available upon request.


I’m a graduate of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I majored in English and Creative Writing and enjoy reading and writing fiction, plays, and creative nonfiction.

Why editing?

I take great joy in helping to improve already excellent work. The collaborative process between writer and editor is extremely rewarding. I know from my own writing experience how vital a trusted editor can be, and what a profound difference their work can have on the writing process.

A friend in the theater once told me an audience will forgive an actor for anything, so long as they can hear him. At its most basic level, editing is the literary equivalent of making sure the mic works.

Why “Open Boat”?

I borrowed my company’s name from one of the best-written, best-edited short stories in the English language, Stephen Crane’s The Open Boat. It comes from the expressive first sentence of a startlingly stark and beautiful paragraph:

“A night on the sea in an open boat is a long night. As darkness settled finally, the shine of the light, lifting from the sea in the south, changed to full gold. On the northern horizon a new light appeared, a small bluish gleam on the edge of the waters. These two lights were the furniture of the world. Otherwise there was nothing but waves.”

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